MON 29.08. 21:15
Everything everywhere all at once
From tiny footprint to major box office hit: Evelyn, a Chinese immigrant to the USA, runs a launderette. Faced with a tax audit, her life takes an unexpected turn…
Everything everywhere all at once
Engl./Cant./Mand. with Germ. subs
Evelyn Wang runs a launderette and leads an ordinary life. But then, in the tax office of all places, she is contacted from a parallel universe and informed that she alone can save the world. Our involuntary hero is left with only a short window in which to channel her new-found powers and fight her way through the fractured timelines of the multiverse to save her world, her family and herself. "Everything Everywhere All at Once exists in the outer wilds of the imagination, in the realm of lucid dreaming and liminal spaces” The Independent. "One of the most original and creative films of the past couple of years” San Francisco Chronicle.
2:19 h | FSK age rating 16 years
Münchner Hobräu
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