FRI 26.08. 21:15
Massive Talent
You’re going to have a lot of fun watching this fast-paced and self-deprecating slapstick action comedy in which Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage. Just the film for a movie night under the open sky.
Massive Talent
Engl. with Germ. subs
Staring into the financial abyss, the actor Nicolas Cage is made an offer he cannot refuse: for one million dollars he agrees to help a superfan celebrate his birthday. Alas, the superfan turns out to be a dangerous gangster and member of a drug cartel. And that’s only the beginning. Long story short: to save himself and his loved ones Cage has to become whom he usually plays by assuming his most iconic and popular film roles. The award-winning actor is forced to play the role of his life: Nick Cage.
1:46 h | FSK age rating 12 years
Münchner Hobräu
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