TUE 23.08. 21:15
Der beste Film aller Zeiten
Don’t let the silly title deter you from watching this entertaining and visually pleasing film with Penélope Cruz alongside Oscar Martinez and Antonio Banderas playing actors engaged in a "magnificent clash of the alpha males” (El Mondo).
Der beste Film aller Zeiten
Span.with Germ. subs
Determined to secure his long-term legacy, a billionaire businessman decides to produce a film and enlists film-maker Lola Cuevas to direct two legendary male actors whose egos, alas, are bigger still than their considerable talent: Hollywood heart throb Félix Rivero and the enfant terrible of stage and screen, Iván Torres. They are like chalk and cheese and their mutual antipathy is instantly palpable. As Lola tames them with a succession of increasingly extravagant trials, Félix and Iván are forced to confront not only the pitfalls of their vanity but also the issue of their own respective legacies.
1:54 h | FSK age rating 12 years
Münchner Hobräu
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