WED 31.08. 21:15
Der perfekte Chef - El buen patrón
Fernando Léon de Aranoa’s comedy was the Spanish Oscar nominee and a runaway success at the Goyas, winning Best Film, Best Director, Best Script und Best Male Lead (Javier Bardem).
Der perfekte Chef - El buen patrón
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The new film by Fernando Léon de Aranoa (Mondays in the Sun) focusses on a family patriarch—played by Javier Badem with relish and abandon—whose once unrivalled control of his empire dramatically slips away. He is the perfect director: competent, charismatic and solicitous. Running a family enterprise for industrial scales, he is inspired by his faith in equanimity and justice, which has brought him wealth, respect and numerous awards. Just one is still missing: the award for exemplary entrepreneurship. What could possibly go wrong?
2:00 h | FSK age rating 18 years
Münchner Hobräu
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