TUE 20.06. 21:45
Banff - Mountain Film Festival 2023
Enjoy a selection of fascinating sports, adventure and nature films shown at this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival, named for the small eponymous Canadian town.
Banff - Mountain Film Festival 2023
Engl. with Germ. subs
And off they go! Creation Theory, a film about three sports men and women and one musician on a quest for the creative spark; Balkan Express documents a low-budget cycling and skiing tour traversing Europe’s wildest mountains; Colors of Mexico charts Killian Bron’s mountain-biking adventures in Mexico; To the Hills & Back highlights just how quickly mountaineers can be confronted with radically altered circumstances. How does one make the right decisions in such instances? Continuum covers eight mountain-biking rides in eight locations—cut as though they were one; Reel Rock: Cenote focusses on Adolfo "Fito” Trujillo and his deep water soloing exploits in Mexico.
2:00 h | FSK years
Münchner Hobräu
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