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Season 2019 from May 4 to Sept 1!
Werbung: Werbung Freiluftkino Kreuzberg

Freiluftkino Kreuzberg in the courtyard of the Kunstquartier Bethanien

Opened in 1994, Freiluftkino Kreuzberg is one of the oldest open-air-cinemas in Berlin and has a long-standing tradition. There is a great variety of movies in the program and digital screenings the norm.

In 2017 there will again be a daily-rotating program with highlights from the current cinema season as well as classic and cult movies, featuring films from countries as diverse as Japan, Norway, Israel, Palestine and Spain. We aim to present true world cinema and where possible we present foreign films in original versions with German subtitles and German films with English subtitles.

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Online tickets are available for all screenings and grant direct access to the cinema. (payment via Paypal with or without account or German direct pay: „Sofort Überweisung“). To purchase online tickets just click on the button that you find in our program.

Program Awards

Cinema Program AwardIn 2008 and 2009 we got the Cinema Program Award Berlin-Brandenburg for our program.

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Your first time here?

You can find some details about our cinema at Info

But here’s some basic information about how things work around here:

Most importantly: the screenings take place rain, hail or shine!

The Freiluftkino Kreuzberg is located in the beautiful courtyard of the Kunstquartier Bethanien, which is situated behind the building. Unfortunately, it is not possible to access the cinema via the Kunstquartier building itself. You have to walk around the building from Mariannenplatz, or you can enter via Adalbertstrasse. From there, you walk between buildings 23a and 23b through to the grassy area.
There you’ll find a beautiful green space, sheltered by the majestic former Bethanien hospital building. The site is wheelchair accessible and has hearing aid facilities, plenty of well-tended toilets and the latest digital projection technology and an enormous screen.  

The closest and easiest public transport connection is at “Kottbusser Tor”. If you go to “Info” and scroll down to the “BVG” window, you can easily find out the best way to get here.

You can buy your tickets online quickly and easily and at no extra cost, and show them at the entrance either as a smartphone ticket or as a print-out. Or you can use our efficient box office on the night.

The cinema and the box office both generally open 30 minutes before the movie begins, but sometimes earlier, if necessary.

You can find a limited number of deckchairs on the left behind the kiosk. There is no guarantee that there will be deckchairs left when you arrive. If the deckchairs are all taken, we have plenty of spots on comfortable seats with high backs and armrests, and you can grab a cushion at the entrance.

There is no assigned seating, so it’s a case of “first come, first seated”, which means:

Even if you’ve purchased advanced tickets, it’s a good idea to come a little earlier if the weather is nice to make sure you snare a deckchair.
In the event of rain, deckchairs might not be handed out.
We ask all our guests to kindly return the deckchairs to the stacks after use.

Woollen blankets: we keep around 200 woollen blankets at the entrance for our guests. This is an additional service, and is not always available. If rain is forecast, they might not be handed out, or if they are, they might be collected when it starts to rain.
So if you want to be assured of having a blanket, you’re best off bringing one with you, just in case.

It’s also a good idea to bring warm clothing, even if the sun is shining when you arrive. This is Berlin, after all, and it tends to get cool when the sun goes down.

We provide food and beverages at reasonable prices at the kiosk. Our motto here is: fair prices for everyone instead of crazy specials.
We can only provide this service if all our guests do their bit to keep the cinema clean. That means bringing back your rubbish, bottles, cushions and deckchairs after the screening.

We ask that smokers show consideration for the people around them, and to please refrain completely from smoking cigars and joints in the presence of other guests. Please use ashtrays at all times, which you can pick up from the ashtray station next to the kiosk, and then bring them back at the end. Of course you don’t have to empty and wash them, we’ll take care of that.

Particularly if you bring your own food with you to the cinema, we ask you to please clean up before you leave – that’s fair enough, right?

You can lock up your bike in front of the cinema and on the fence around the venue. Just make sure you don’t block the emergency exits!

Please respect our House Rules, which you can read here: House Rules
If you have any complaints, please send an email to this address: kreuzberg ät pifflmedien.de

We look forward to seeing you at the cinema, and hope you have a great time!

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