SUN 21.08. 20:30
Come on, Come on
Can a film offer a tender embrace? With its fantastic actors (Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Norman and Gaby Hoffmann) this film does just that. Prepare to be moved
Come on, Come on
Engl. with Germ. subs
Just as the New York radio journalist Johnny is about to embark on a research trip across the USA to quiz kids for a major feature about their expectations for the future, his sister asks him to take care of her nine-year-old son Jesse for a while. Johnny decides to take the boy along on the trip. Director and script writer Mike Mills has achieved something truly great. He moves us without resorting to kitsch, presents a nine-year-old child actor on a par with a star like Joaquin Phoenix and tackles issues of friendship, family and responsibility in a manner that lets you leave the cinema inspired. "Tender, compelling and effortless.” radioeins
1:50 h | FSK age rating 6 years
Münchner Hobräu
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