SUN 14.08. 20:45
The brilliant Kristen Stewart in Pablo Larraín’s "captivating and dreamlike filmic vision of life in a golden cage”. Knut Elstermann, radioeins
Engl. with Germ. subs
"It falls to Kristen Stewart to bring this Diana to life, rescue her from all the clichés and turn her into a genuine human being. And she does. Stewart really is as good as everyone says.” Rolling Stone. December 1991: for some time now, the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales has existed only on paper. Rumours about affairs and impending divorce notwithstanding, everyone is ordered to keep their peace over Christmas. There’s the usual eating and drinking, shooting and hunting. Diana knows the rules. Yet this year, everything will be different. "Spencer is anything but a conventional biopic. It plays liberally and imaginatively with fact and fiction, rendering the portrait of a woman who emancipates herself from her circumstances … This impressionist collage with its extraordinary music and superb acting is classical auteur cinema.”
1:52 h | FSK age rating 12 years
Münchner Hobräu
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